Founded in 2003 by Roger Laudy, Image Wizards, LLC prints photography and digital images on aluminum using dye sublimation technology. The first to perfect and market this process, Image Wizards quickly became the premier supplier of metal prints to businesses and pro photographers nationwide. Laudy retired in late 2020 but remains a consultant to the firm and a respected voice in the industry.

Richard Brenner, former CEO Amarr Garage Doors, the nation’s largest privately held garage door manufacturer and distributor, purchased the business from Laudy and he and his team are building on Laudy’s successes while modernizing and expanding the business and brand.

In 2021, Image Wizards relaunched as Vivid Metal Prints. Still dedicated to providing the highest quality prints and customer service, Vivid will also partner with schools, universities and community programs to provide printing and photography education and discounted services to aspiring artists. Additionally, one of Vivid’s missions will be to develop specialized employment opportunities for people with autism.

“We chose the name Vivid because it accurately describes what we make and expresses our desire to support and illuminate the artists and communities we serve,” said Brenner.

Our people and processes are the same along with our unyielding commitment to quality, color, products and service. We look forward to seeing your images on metal.

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