July Newsletter



Dear Image Wizards Friends, Wow, we can’t believe we are at the end of July already! We’ve been working on so many projects we almost lost track of time. As in last month’s newsletter [Link HERE], we are committed to providing you news, articles and videos to help you achieve absolute best print results for your photography.

It’s impossible to talk about everything we’ve been up to this month, but we’ll cover our favorite stuff in this newsletter. We’ve done more work with the amazing Scott Kelby, created a strong article about color management (and what you can do to ensure consistent color), we also included a new video, and have a special client case to share with you. We have more great things on the horizon and all of them are about you — better prints, better service and more interaction. Remember, we love hearing from you so if you have any questions or comments – Email-us click-here!


Scott Unboxes his latest metal print!

See what Scott Kelby thinks about his latest Image Wizards metal print in his blog. Plus, be sure to check out his Facebook post [Link HERE] — there is a ton of useful information in the comment section!
“It’s not a print on metallic paper — it’s actually printed on metal, and when you see it in person it’s like that day when you saw your first 4K TV at BestBuy and your jaw dropped.” [READ MORE]

Understanding Color & Calibration

Have you ever ordered a print from a photo lab (metal or not) and what you got back didn’t match at all what was on your screen at home? Did you blame the lab for printing your image incorrectly? Or did you step back and go through all of the variables to ensure everything was in line prior to submitting your file? Let’s go through some of these variables together. [READ MORE]

Gear Q&A with Scott Kelby & Erik Kuna

The Grid Episode 435

Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna discuss their gear, including Image Wizards at the 21 minute mark. If you are into photography and tech, this is a good one! Metal prints aren’t exactly “gear” per se, but we do make you look good!
Scott is editor and publisher of the Photoshop User Magazine, president and co-founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and president of Kelby Media Group, an Oldsmar, Florida-based software training, education, and publishing firm.
He is a photographer, designer, and author of more than 60 books.
Erik is the Vice President of Operations for KelbyOne, and a passionate Rocket Launch photographer. His goal is to create images that help educate people about the space industry, and inspire them to learn more about the beauty of space exploration.
Make sure to visit Eriks page, his photography is stunning! Click HERE.

Why do people convert from paper to metal?

In less than 90 seconds, see why compression-less file formats ensure your best output and why metal is the perfect medium to choose. [Watch Now]

Your Art is Our Inspiration.

We know your photos are more than just “pretty pictures.” They are stories. They are emotions – and we love the way you capture your art. Truth is, as we process your work, we become personally invested in your story — it changes us.
Not long ago, we received a phone call from the wife of one of our long time customers. She explained to us that her husband, who had flown all over the world in hot air balloons, had been diagnosed with a very serious fast-spreading cancer.
We were grateful for the call, especially since we printed so many photos from his adventures. His lovely wife asked if she could send a high res file of his favorite POV (Point of view)… him in the basket looking up through the flames to the inside of the balloon.
We were so honored to be a part of their experience and we were happy to offer our services on the house. She hung the print over his bed during his last days and knowing the print have him joy changed the way we view our product. It changed all of us. These are the types of stories that remind us that our prints are more than just prints, and that our quality must be the very best.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s email. Please feel free to share anything you find useful, and please remember, we want to hear from you! Email-us click-here!