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8" x 10" minimum and 48" x 96" maximum


10 x 12 $42-108
12 x 18 $76-$196
16 x 24 $105-$180
20 x 24 $132-$260
20 x 30 $165-$270
24 x 36 $237-$388
30 x 40 $300-$468
30 x 45 $338-$527
36 x 48 $432-$674

Choose Your Frame


Frame To Edge

Frame is flush with the edge of the print


Size Availability

8" x 10" up to 48" x 96"

40" x 60"


Custom Float

Frame is inset 1.5" from the perimeter


Size Availability

16" x 20" up to 48" x 96"

34" x 48"


Pre-made Float

A pre-made aluminum frame-Inset varies according to size


Size Availability

16" x 20" up to 24" x 36"



3/4” Diameter Clear Anodized Aluminum Standoffs-1” off wall
(Qty of 4 to 8 depending on size)


Size Availability

16” x 20” up to 36" x 48"

24" x 36"


Metal Print Only

No Framing - Just the metal sheet-no backing


Size Availability

8" x 10" up to 48" x 96"

36" x 48"

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White Aluminum Base

Provides great depth and true white colors.

Also available in ChromaLuxe EXT which is guaranteed not to fade for 2 years in direct sunlight. It is available in White Ultra-Gloss. To find out more contact us.

White Ultra-Gloss

Excellent Reflectivity-Sharp Detail

White Semi-Gloss

Semi-reflective Surface - Distinct Sharpness

White Matte

Lower Glare- Softer Look

Lightly Brushed Aluminum Base

Transforms whites to reveal a brushed aluminum finish.

Lightly Brushed Matte

Metallic Background - Less Reflective

Lightly Brushed Ultra-Gloss

Metallic Background - Great Reflectivity

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Wire Mount

Included in your price

Security Mount

With our smart security mount you can secure your print with no wire. $4.99

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HD+ Processing and proof mailed to you $65*
HD+ Processing Only $45
Proof Only
mailed to you $25*
No Proof
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HD+ Upressing is the process in which we digitally enhace your image for best printing results. Learn More
*Each Proof consist of 2 Metal Prints.

What do I do once I get my proofs?

Once you receive your proofs, give us a call or send us an email and let us know what you think! If you like it, all we need is an approval and we will print your final image. It is extremely important to not send a new file and to just give us notes on existing proofs. Part of our process to ensure consistent color depends on specific color-compensating moves in Photoshop. If a new file is uploaded that you have worked on it renders the initial corrections obsolete.

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