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Here at Vivid Metal Prints we are in love with photography and artwork. Dye-sublimation on aluminum is simply the most gorgeous, vivid, true to life medium on which you could display your work.

Traditional photo processors spray liquid ink dots onto a two-dimensional substrate, usually paper, resulting in a total loss of depth making the image appear flat. The dye sublimation process Laudy invented achieves a superior transfer of the original image by using heat and pressure to transform inks into a gaseous state that meld them into the aluminum coating at different levels. This creates a level of depth that two dimensional substrates like paper simply cannot match by allowing light to bounce off the bottom most aluminum layer back through the various levels of dyes used to create the image.

This, paired with our unique file processing that prioritizes detail retention, is what gives Vivid Metal Prints their edge in the market. This edge is why professional photographers, businesses and consumers across the country prefer our sublimation process and the luminosity of the aluminum substrates we offer which come in five different finishes ranging from glossy to matte. The Vivid process also has the advantage of using aluminum that is made from 94% recycled material and both the print and frame are 100% recyclable.


1) Choose the image size from 8” x 10” up to 48” x 96”
2) Choose the Framing Option
3) Choose the Metal Finish
4) Go to the Order page, enter your choices and upload your image.


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Choose Your Finish

White Aluminum Base

Provides great depth and true white colors.

Also available in ChromaLuxe EXT which is guaranteed not to fade for 2 years in direct sunlight. It is available in White Ultra-Gloss. To find out more contact us.

White Ultra-Gloss

Excellent Reflectivity-Sharp Detail

White Semi-Gloss

Semi-reflective Surface - Distinct Sharpness

White Matte

Lower Glare- Softer Look

Lightly Brushed Aluminum Base

Transforms whites to reveal a brushed aluminum finish.

Lightly Brushed Matte

Metallic Background - Less Reflective

Lightly Brushed Ultra-Gloss

Metallic Background - Great Reflectivity

Not sure what finish you want?

Order an ImageWizards sample kit

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Frame To Edge

Frame is flush with the edge of the print


Size Availability

8" x 10" up to 48" x 96"

24" x 36"


Custom Float

Frame is inset 1.5" from the perimeter


Size Availability

16" x 20" up to 48" x 96"

24" x 36"


Pre-made Float

A pre-made aluminum frame-Inset varies according to size


Size Availability

16" x 20" up to 24" x 36"



3/4” Diameter Clear Anodized Aluminum Standoffs-1” off wall (qty. of 4)


Size Availability

16” x 20” up to 48" x 96"

24" x 36"


Metal Print Only

No Framing - Just the metal sheet-no backing


Size Availability

8" x 10" up to 48" x 96"

24" x 36"


Collectible art must be highly protected. Once your Image Wizards Aluminarte metal print is finished, it will be packed securely in a highly durable double-wall, corrugated box or wooden crate. Nothing will protect your print better than a custom wooden crate built specifically to fit that piece. It will arrive at your studio door, ready to hang right out of the box. We provide only the best for your Image Wizards print.